final project

Sound is a little out of sync, i couldn’t figure out how to stop one sound so i just extended it at times. also missing the fart and phone sounds


Case Study

Animation case study

I’m not quite sure this is what you meant by case study but if you need any more information or clarification, let me know. (914) 800 5472 or

I created a majority of it with frame by frame, including the mustache reaching for the beer and the disk spinning. Something i clearly need work on is shape tweening, but i guess going from a drawing to a solid photograph is never going to look good. I created this animation at first taking inspiration from Lego Batman, Powdered Toast Man, Dr. Bees. Basically just bad super heroes that are awful at their jobs. Without the voiceover and sound effects, it’s difficult to tell that he’s more than just a slacker living in a crappy apartment who gets mad at a phone call, but with the improvements since the presentation in class, it will add to the humor and to the understanding of who he is and what he’s all about. There is a short story behind why he nukes a phone with a vinyl record, as shown in the storyboard itself. It will be shown off in the final version of the video. I went political as a last minute decision, having heard basically every day something ridiculous happening. That’s when i found pictures of donald trump with a butt for a mouth and animated it to defecate. I quite enjoyed that. All done frame by frame, as was most of it. I shape tweened the intro segments by zooming in to the apartment window and created symbols of the disk spinning in the beginning and of his hair moving when he is throwing the record as well.

I really enjoyed learning how to use flash, and now that i have at the very least a basic knowledge of the knowledge of the program, i can animate anything i want and will always have this skill, and i can always improve. The drawing i know i’m a beginner at, but that will come with time and inspiration.